Our Success

            During the journey of our company we have got one of the biggest names in the world of Clothing hijab locally and internationally, by participating in international specialized exhibitions to sell, import and export of raw materials and hijab clothing. As we had a head start in the opening of new markets for hijab clothing in the Arab world, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas as well as to Europe through agents and distributors .

Who we are

          AL karam QADRI Group Of Companies , with a long history started since 1927 in Nablus. Now this Group Operates more than 30 wholesale shops, retail outlets or factories in Jordan, Palestine, UAE , Turkey &China.

Our Vision & Our Mission

           Quality and customer satisfaction responsibility of our company is our vision and mission substrates and form the cornerstone of our approach inherited .

Our ethics

           Many manufactures & Suppliers for hijab clothing . Our success is measured only from the confidence and satisfaction of our customers all over the world . so we put expertise and our energies and skills in the development and manufacture of hijab clothing . We recognize that each project is aimed at profit, but we prefer the continuation of our journey and respect for the reputation and product at the final opinion since it carries our brand .

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